SMF RC X Games

NOTE: To keep down the bandwidth usage per month, I’ve prevented streaming by putting each video into a ZIP file. Please RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE TARGET AS! If you don’t know what to do with the ZIP files after downloading, please look to the left a bit and read the section on ZIP files.. There’s more iPod / iTunes info there too.

M4V Files
These files are the type iTunes uses to put on your iPod. Things seem to work best if you download the file directly to your iTunes directory, then drag the file into the iTunes application. Then iTunes will automatically move it to the appropriate directory for assimilation into it’s own structure. It’s not necessary to do it this way, but it’s a little more tidy.

ZIP Files?
Yeah, ZIP files. Not my favorite solution by any means, but I have to do something to cut down on the bandwidth used per month. ZIP files prevent people from streaming videos directly from the server and quite often doing it more than once. It instead forces users to download the videos to a hard drive. If you have a better solution, let me know.

In the meantime, Windows XP users will find them ridiculously easy to use. Just open them, and double-click the video file. Windows 2000 & 98 users will need a program to “unzip” the file. I suggest WinZIP which can be downloaded from Mac users can (I believe) unzip stuff with StuffIt. And everyone else is on their own.

Windows 98
If you have Win98 and cannot view the videos, please try visiting and downloading the version 9 series codecs.

Or, if you can kind of view the videos but they are very choppy, try copying this updated WMV9 Codec into your System32 folder.  It should replace one that is already there.  Be sure to backup the original, just in case. Don’t blame me if your computer crashes, you’re the idiot who followed my advice rather than try to figure it out yourself.

If you have Win98 and the above doesn’t work, then you might want to think about upgrading your operating system dude.

MAC Owners!
Now you can watch WMV files on your Mac with no hassle! Visit to get a codec for Quicktime that makes this possible!